Polyhedron Top Trumps

We made some polyhedron today by copying the solid shapes using 2D polygons.

We had to notice which polygon were making up the faces of the shapes and then work out how they fitted together.

After that, we found out the name of the polyhedron and counted how many faces, edges and vertices they had. It was very difficult with some shapes!

Here are our polyhedron top trumps!

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Which polyhedron wins on edges, faces and vertices?


John Dougherty: Class Author

After spending so much time as our Patron of Reading, 3CH were finally able to make John Dougherty our class author.

In library this week, the class seem to be enjoying their new author. Mr Hartley has lost his voice singing Blueberry JamĀ and look how many books they got out of the library!

What do you call a group of Stinkbomb and Ketchup-face books? A kerfuffle?

Cress Experiment 2: water

We are conducting an experiment to see how much water cress seeds need.

We gave some cress seeds no water, some we kept damp and others we made sure we’re always soaked. We placed all the seeds on the window sill in the classroom.


What have you noticed about our seeds so far?
Was your prediction correct?
Has anything surprised you?

Jason and the Arguments!

We were continuing our exploration of the world of Jason by imagining what some of the conversations he had might have been.

Remember the two rules for inverted commas:

  • Inverted commas go around the spoken part.

You can’t defeat me, Pelias! said Jason.

  • Any punctuation in the speech goes inside the inverted commas.

You can’t defeat me, Pelias! said Jason.

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We also used expression to show what the character was like. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Word Book Day: Random Story 3

We started stories by writing one phrase and passing it in to the next person. Can you finish this story in the comments?

In a galaxy far far away, there lived a ninja turtle called Donatello. He wore turtle suit and some shell shoes. One day, he went to a shoe shop so he could dance all day and all night.

Suddenly, his legs fell off because a bomb exploded and his legs flew away. Unfortunately…