Polyhedron Top Trumps

We made some polyhedron today by copying the solid shapes using 2D polygons.

We had to notice which polygon were making up the faces of the shapes and then work out how they fitted together.

After that, we found out the name of the polyhedron and counted how many faces, edges and vertices they had. It was very difficult with some shapes!

Here are our polyhedron top trumps!

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Which polyhedron wins on edges, faces and vertices?


The British Museum

We took a trip to the British Museum to see artefacts and sources from the Ancient Greek era. Here are some of the photographs we collected.

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Can you answer some of my questions in the comments below? Remember to pause the slideshow so you can work on one question at a time. A good answer to these question will use the word  because.


We were visited by a world-record holder, Ash Randall, who showed us some amazing freestyle football skills.

Ash taught us some of his amazing tricks as well. Here are some of our skills!

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Here is the competition between Mr Cannon and Mr Bradford! How long do you think Mr Bradford lasts doing the trick before he loses? Write your estimations in the comments below!