The British Museum

We took a trip to the British Museum to see artefacts and sources from the Ancient Greek era. Here are some of the photographs we collected.

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Can you answer some of my questions in the comments below? Remember to pause the slideshow so you can work on one question at a time. A good answer to these question will use the word  because.

Sketching a mammoth…

We were developing our sketching skills by drawing mammoths. We used our pencils in different ways to create different textures on the page.

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Can you think of some of the techniques we used? How did we hold the pencil?

Oh Happy Day!

Last week, we had a session singing with a gospel choir. We had a fantastic time learning a song that had African roots. It fit in a little better with the Samba drumming that was happening next door!

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We split into two choirs, learnt the same song and performed it to each other.

What do you think about our two performances?