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James and the Giant Peach


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Title of book: James and the Giant Peach

Author of the book: Roald Dahl

Number of stars out of 10: 10 stars


James’ Mum and Dad get eaten by a giant rhinoceros because it had escaped from the zoo. James has to go and live with his ugly Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge and they are really horrible to him. A man gives James some magical green things which he accidentally drops on the ground. The next thing he knows, on a tree, there grows a giant peach! He crawls into the peach, meets some creepy-crawly friends and begins a surprising adventure…

This book is funny, silly and it is good for a laugh. We think this story is brilliant and phenomenal.

We bet all of the children will love this adventure book because it is hilarious! You will like this book if you have read any other Roald Dahl book.


30 thoughts on “Book Corner

  1. I’m reading Doctor who The Monsters inside I think people who like monsters will like this book or any other one I recommend the book Touched by an Angel if you do want it go to any local library if they don’t have it reserve it

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