Stone Age Boy by Danni

A fabulous thing once happened to me. I was putting some clothes away into the closet when I noticed a tiny rainbow button on my coat hanger.  I pushed it and I found myself spinning and spinning and spinning.  When I woke up I was in a deep dark freezing forest.  I could see daylight. I spun towards it.  Outside everything was exciting.  I realised I was lost but I spun and spun and spun. Then I saw a girl she was about my age but she didn’t look like me.  She took me home to her twins. They looked strange and they were nasty to me. I couldn’t understand them but I found out the girls name was Poppy. Later, we went to the lake and Poppy and I watched the men swimming with their rocks in their pockets. Suddenly, a boy ran from the mountains shouting. Slowly, we tip toed until we saw a cow! We ran towards it, yelling , and threw our rocks . A rock wacked the cow in the middle and it fell to the ground. Suddenly I found myself spinning, and spinning and spinning. When I woke up everybody had vanished. I was back in my closet. Was it a dream? Maybe…

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