poetryIn Library today, everybody read out the last word they had read in their book. This is the list we ended up with:

bellows chocolate BMX door traffic laugh water laughed duck Crixus Lily frown traps perfect end said Minecraft plop anything bathroom run pancakes what Messi haunted dangerous school

We used these words to try and write a nonsense poem. We decided that we could change the tense of a verb (like changing laugh into laughed) or turn a verb into an adverb (like changing happy into happily.) Here’s what we came up with:

Haunted dangerous school trap,

Minecraft end door.

“Perfect chocolate pancakes!” said duck.

“Water,” laughed Lily.

Messi BMX’ed, bellowing “BATHROOM!”

Could you create a nonsense poem from our words? Try it out on a whiteboard or scrap paper and then type your finished poem into the comments on this post. Good luck!

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