Hello 3CH!

Hello 3CH!

Welcome to your new blog!

This will be a way to record our learning, document our travel through time and to show case our writing like this:

The fishing bear

Deadly claws grabbing in the freezing lake,

Damp fur dripping into the water,

Soggy nose dripping into the mucky lake,

Fluffy ears flopping into the silky water,

Carnivorous mouth crushing fish into the stony water.

Lexi D

We will also be able to upload photos and videos like this:

You can make this blog into anything you want. It is your space. You can see what last year’s 3CH did by looking up at the archive page on the top ribbon. If you click on it, there will be a drop-down menu and you can look at the different pages we had last year.


You can also do this by using the archive or categories menus at the left-hand side of the page.


Is there anything that you would like to be on our blog?

Would you like a games page? Or a science page?

Would you like a way to contact Lady Morag? Or to talk about things that you are interested in?

You can leave your suggestions by clicking on the comments at the top of this post.

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