Our Iceni Experience

Finish my report on our trip to the museum yesterday. REMEMBER: you can use your writing prompts to find other sentence and paragraph starters.

Yesterday, we went to the Time and Tide Museum in Greta Yarmouth to learn about the Iceni and Romans.



After that…


In the end…

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16 thoughts on “Our Iceni Experience

  1. First,we went on a coach and of the road. Next we made torks and put paint on are face. After that, someone told a story to us . Finaly, we learnt how to be a roman soljer.

  2. First, we got on a bus.
    Next, herd scerey story of Roman.
    After that, bicumming Roman amrme
    Finally, we had lunch
    In the end, we sor lady livefa.
    Then, how to be a worey.
    So, then we can back to school .

  3. First we went to the story teller. Next we went with a meme. After that we had lunch. Finally saw lady livers. In the end we saw

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