Ice Cube and the Power Monkeys

Once upon a time, there was a monkey called Ice Cube who lived in the Jungle in the bottom of a tree. He had fluffy fur, a backwards baseball cap and smart sunglasses that covered his wide eyes. Ice Cube really liked rap music. When he rapped and played on his drums, he was really excited and happy.


The problem was that Ice Cube loved his music so much that he rapped and sung until it was really late at night. Unfortunately, he keep waking all of the other animals up! The other animals were angry with Ice Cube.

“What’s that rubbish music?” said a grumpy gorilla.

“I wish he would be quiet!” hissed a serious snake.cartoon_clip_art_cool_monkey_with_sunglasses_photo_statuette-r3248f19a418948e0acd72d06ebc56298_x7saw_8byvr_512

“How can we stop this silly rapping?” trumpeted an emotional elephant.


Suddenly, the animals had an idea. When Ice Cube wasn’t looking, the other animals crept up on him. As he played his drums, they threw slimy banana skins at his head until he ran away. Ice Cube was very unhappy and fled into the jungle crying!


Unexpectedly, Ice Cube ran straight into the back of another monkey! He was with some other monkeys, eating mangoes and wearing jumpers saying Power Monkeys. Without saying a word, they began to rap! With a smile on his face, Ice Cube started to break dance. He danced and he danced and he danced until he fell asleep…



Later on that year, the gorilla, snake and elephant were watching the television. It was their favourite TV show: The Jungle Factor Live! The next act on was a band called the Power Monkeys. They played their new hit song Ding Dang Dong and who did they see break dancing and rapping at the front of the stage? You guessed it. Ice Cube!


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