Arian and the Magic Necklace by Ruby

One day in a magical house there was a horse called Pegasus the flying horse. Pegasus stole the magic necklace from Arion. Arion challenged her to a duel

“I’ll give up the the magic necklace  with out a fight if you can find the Golden Apple!”

“I accept!” said Arion.

Arion built a swift and fast boat called Troy and mustard a crew from all the heroes in the world.

First they traveled to see Pandora. Although she had bottles full of water she was dying of thirst. As they drank a herd of very bad cows came into the house with flying hair and flicking ears. They fought and the cows ran away mooing.

Next they went to a hot island and some pirates came,   Pegasus the flying horse gave the magic necklace to the very bad pirates and ran.

Arion and her crew had a battle with the pirates and there was steam in the air, the Golden Apple was resting on a rock in the stream, however, the  very bad pirate gave the golden apple to the lion and the lion was on guard. Arion plunged her sword in his mouth then she  snatched the Golden Apple and ran as fast as a cheetah back to the ship.

she got back to the Ship and began to sing

“I did not think that I would get the Golden Apple but I did.”  Triumphantly  she returned back to  Thebes.  To the amazement and fury of Pegasus . Arion was a great  hero…

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