Pandora and the chest full of Dimonds by Poppy

A very ,very long time ago ,there lived a giant army of skeletons named Colossal Bones, who stole the treasure chest full of Diamonds, Rubies and golden necklaces made of real gold. The only army in the world was Colossal Bones they could fight any thing. Pandora offered Dog Bones the chief skeleton a duel. Dog Bones offered Pandora a dare.

“I’ll give you the chest full of Diamond’s if you can find the golden bone!”

“I accept! ” said Pandora.

So she built a giant ,giant boat called the spiders web. It had webs over all of the boat. Pandora and her family went to   visit strong Abigail. Although she had tubs full of  fruit Abigail was as tall as a giraffe’s neck. As they ate a flock of hideous  serpents came over with flapping tails! Pandora shot her bow and arrow and the serpents fled shrieking, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Gratefully,Abigail took them to them to  Sparta. Abigail ran until they  came to the golden bone. However it was guarded by a talking bull. They all got a sword and plunged it in. They had found there prize.

Triumphantly Pandora returned home with the Golden Bone. Chief Dog B
ones was furious but Pandora was over the moon.


The End

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