Pandora and the Cave of Jewels By Lily

A long time ago, King Midas was in the dark, scary woods. He was  dancing like a ballerina. He was the guarding the sack of glittery jewels from Pandora.  Pandora wanted the glittering jewels so she challenged Midas to  duel. “I’ll give up the jewels if you find the Magic Hat!” said Midas.

“I accept!” said Pandora.

So she built a great ship. The great ship sailed to Phineas’ island. Although Phineas had tables full of  food and cake Phineas was as fat as an elephant.  As they sat down to eat they were attacked by some vicious pigs. They fought them and the pigs fled shrieking.

Gratefully Phineas showed them the way to the desert island. They found the Magic Hat but it was guarded by the serpent that never sleeps and a glittering dolphin. Luckily the dolphin was nice and helped them defeat the serpent.

Quickly they grabbed the Magic hat and ran back to the great ship.

Triumphantly Pandora returned home with her prize and she kept the glittery dolphin as a pet.




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