Arion and the Precious Crown by Jennifer

In an enormous city far away, the stinky bone skeleton army stole the precious crown! Arion a famous hero, challenged them to a duel. But they gave him a dare “I dare you to find some clothes of wool,”

“I accept”said Arion.
So Arion built a ship called the Black Swift and found the strongest men in the world.
First they went to see beautiful Helen of Troy. Helen had tables full of oranges, she was as fat as a horse. As they ate a flock of furious swans swooped down with spiky feathers and pecking beaks, they fought and the furious swans fled shrieking.
Gratefully beautiful Helen showed them the way to the Minotaurs Maze. Skillfully, Arion pushed through the waving trees and found his prize. The woolen clothes where hung on a glistening sea, however, the clothes where guarded by a serpent that never sleeps. It had sharp teeth. Arion quickly chopped off the head, and quickly he scooped up the clothes and ran back to the ship.

Trumpinly, Arion returned to the enormous city. Funny Bones was furious but Arion was a hero.

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