Ariadne and the Army of Skeletons by Alicia

IMG_0976A long time ago, a horrible prince named the Deathly Hollows stole the sparkly cave of golden rings. Ariadne challenged her hideous, ugly uncle to a duel. But, the Prince said, “I’ll give up the cave of sparkly golden rings without a fight, if you can find the golden armored horse!”

“I accept!”said Ariadne.

So, Ariadne built a cool and fast ship called the Argo and mustered a crew of heroes of all the world. First, she went to see her cool King Jason. although he had tables full of food he was as thin as a stick. As they ate, horsemen came charging in and hurt him.

Gratefully, the King sent her to the raging mountains that smashed together.  Skillfully, the fast Argo sped through. Ariadne found her prize the golden armored horse was standing under a tree. However, a wolf was on guard,  Ariadne plunged in her sword as she led the golden armored horse back to the ship.
Triumphantly, Ariadne got back to her lovely home, to the amazement and fury of Deathly Hollows. Ariadne became a great girl hero!

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