Theseus And The Flying Horse Pegasus by Amilie

A very long time ago an evil Prince named Odysseus kidnapped the crown from his dad. His nephew Theseus challenge him to a duel with flame throwers. But Odysseus offered him a dare.

“I will give up the crown without a fight if you can find Pegasus and the chimera’s head”

“I will go!” Replied Theseus.

So, Theseus caught a very swift and fast  dolphin called Splash, stole a crew of heroes of the world  and sailed to Athens!

First they went to visit Hippo. Although he had a lot of exercise, Hippo was as fat as a whale. As they exercised a huge flock of hideous birds called Kitcats swooped in with revolting warts and razor sharp teeth . They were fighting and the Kitcats fled shouting !

Happily, Hippo sent them to the burning hot volcano. Lava bubbled over the edge like a water slide. But skilfully they scurried up.

Theseus had found a maze. He turned left and right, left and right, left and right again. At the end of the maze he found The chimera guarding Pegasus. Theseus hid behind an enormous rock and fired clay from his bow and arrow into the chimera’s fiery mouth. The chimera’s body turned to rock and Theseus cut off the head. Quickly Theseus pounced onto Pegasus and flew back home.320309

Evil Odysseus was shocked and furious, he threw the crown into some lava and ran away into the sea with the head of the chimera. Theseus became a rich hero.


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