Safer Internet Day 2016

22ee762c-ac4b-4646-a51e-714ce0b7bb01Today is safer internet day, where we learn to be safer on the internet. Try the safer internet day quiz.

What have you learned today about how to be safer on the internet? Your challenge is to name three ways that you and your friends and family can stay safer on the internet.




Competition: Design a safer internet day poster and give it to your teacher. I’ll take a photo of them and add them to this page. A good poster will have: information about how to stay safe, bold and bright colours, a catchy slogan and a colourful picture. 

Pages and activities for teachers

Advice for parents and carers.

14 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day 2016

  1. 1 Not to talk to other people on the street.
    2 If you being meen tell sononen who you now.
    3 not to talk to people on line.

  2. .1My safety rules don’t start a aging because it all way’s led’s in the rong way .2 bon’t bully people if they bulle you.3 and be nice to people on the Internet.

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