Paris and the Golden sword by Jorja

An  extremely long time ago, a  vicious king named King Minos stole the Crystal Crown. His enemy, Paris, who was big as a giraffe, challenged him to a duel. But King Minos offered him a dare ”I ‘ll give up the Crystal Crown with out a duel if you can find the Golden Sword”

” I accept!” exclaimed Paris.

Paris built a ship as fast as a cheetah called Glowing Dragon Wings. He mustered all of the brave, heroic men in the city of Troy, to be his crew.

First they went to visit wise, old, blind Simon who lived in a dark dingy cave. Although Simon had tables full of strawberry cake he was starving. When they began to eat bears came roaring in with razor sharp jaws and slashing claws. Paris and the crew fought the bears who ran away roaring. Simon sent them to the clashing cliffs.

As they sailed closer to the cliffs fire went up and exploded like fireworks. Little sparks streamed down and landed in the sea with a hiss. An enormous mermaid came out of the ocean and granted Paris one wish.

“Take me safely to the Golden Sword” Paris asked. The mermaid showed Paris and his crew the safest way to go and suddenly they arrived at an island.

swordThe crew saw the sword floating over a gigantic lake, however, it was guarded by a sea serpent.

“Stay back” hissed the sea serpent “the sword is mine!”

Paris would never give up so he ran like lightning and chopped off the serpents revolting head. Quickly Paris grabbed the sword and bolted back to the ship.

Triumphantly Paris returned home, to the amazement and anger of the vicious King  Minos. Paris was a fantastic hero!

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