Arion and the Golden and Magic boomerang by Brandon.

17479438-golden-boomerang-isolated-on-whiteA very long time ago, a wicked and cruel Minotaur, with his flock of eagles and his enormous bones, took the crown of Troy, without asking. He had it for himself, his brother Arion challenged him to a duel with bows and arrows. Arion was as strong as an army of Skeletons in the story that his dad told him. Also he had a golden bow of Troy and a diamond shield. So the Minotaur offered his brother a dare

“I’ll give up the shiny and glistening crown of Troy without a fight with bows, if you can find the golden and magic boomerang.

“OK!” answered Arion.

So Arion kitted up and went to find his flying horse, Archer, went and got his bow and flew off. First, they went and found wise and deaf Troy. Although he had tables full of weapons Troy was as scared as a gigantic hamster. As Arion found some weapons a flock of ugly birds flew and landed near him, with sharp hair and snapping mouths. He shot them all as they flew squawking over his dad’s palace.

Greatfully, Troy took them to the Minotaur’s maze. Arion had found his prize, the golden and magic boomerang was in the center of the maze. But it was a fake boomerang.

So he hopped on Archer and went to Zeus’s palace to find the golden and magic boomerang. When he arrived Archer was scared because it was dark so Arion calmed him down so he wasn’t scared. They went in and there was King Minos again.

King Minos screamed “there’s nothing here!”

Arion replied “were is the golden and magic boomerang?”

“I don’t know” answered King Minos.”

“OK King Minos so you don’t know? I’ll just go to the cave of doom! Actually I’ll go to the volcano of doom!” says Arion.

King Minos says nothing just looks bored.

So Arion goes to the volcano of doom on Archer with is beautiful wings and his awesome hair. There was nothing there. The volcano was huge it was going to BLOW! The volcano blew out an army of Skeletons. They fought him so he got his bow and the shot them all down into the volcano. Quickly Arion got Archer and flew off.

So Arion, this time, went to the cave of doom. He went there as quiet as a mouse so he wasn’t caught by the three headed monster with razor sharp teeth and sharp horns. The cave was as dark as midnight but the three headed monster was as angry as a giant, however,  one of the heads said ” I’m scared.”

“Dont be stupid you brat you’re evil.”

“Oh yeah I’m evil.” it chuckled

Arion had a sneaky plan. The golden and magic boomerang was on the neck of the middle monster. He got out his bow this very last time and aimed at the golden and magic boomerang, he launched his arrow and the golden and magic boomerang dropped on the floor. Arion grabbed it and threw it at the three headed monster. The three headed monster was as scared as a cat jumping up and down. When he threw it the three headed monster went down into ashes ,it went poof!

Triumphantly, Arion, the most powerful and best hero of the world, returned to Troy. Much to the amazement and fury of the Minotaur who roared loud enough for the whole world to hear him. But that’s not the most important part. Arion became the most powerful super hero, with the most invisible weapon, the golden and magic boomerang! The Minotaur was as evil as his other brother Mino that you might read about in another Greek story.


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