Arian And The Lovely Diamonds by Jamie

A super long time ago, an evil  minotaur ,  stole the lovely diamonds from the chest in the king’s jewelery room.Diamonds

“Probably they’ve got lost again let’s look for them” said Arian to the king.

“Come on.”  Arian tiptoed down the castle stairs, creak, tiptoe, creak tiptoe. “hurry, hide…in case the minotaur comes” Arian whispered. “I know a friend who has a ship he’s call Oh.”

So Arian and the king went to the river where they saw Oh’s house. Arian knocked on the door and asked, “Hi Oh, can we borrow your ship please”

“Only if I can come with you” said Oh

“Of course come with us” said Arian”

They sailed across the seven seas”Come on Oh, stop being lazy,  look out, come on let’s go. Stop laying down on my ship.” Suddenly they crashed on an island, Arian shouted “We’re here. Look the best looking chest, let’s go get it.”

“OK then, oooooo no!”

A skeleton dragon  was guarding the chest.

“Now what? let’s strike him with a bowling ball of stone”

The dragon snapped his jaw at Arian but Arian plunged in his sword and killed the dragon.

“Now let’s get the best looking chest.”called out Arian.

Finally they sailed home with their prize. The minotaur hid in the castle. Triumphantly Arian shouted “I’ve got the best looking chest, yes the lovely diamonds, And the throne, yes!”

The end.

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