The Hydra’s Head by Riley


A long time ago a legend boss called Pythons Eye had a legs of a devil, the tail of a snake and the body of a minotaur. He kidnapped Daedelus’ dad. Python challenged Daedelus to a dare.

” I’ll give you your dad back if you can get the hydras head”

“I accept,” said mighty Daedelus. So he built a swift and fast carriage, it took hours because he had to find nettle string and wood. Then he set off on his journey.

A couple  of hours later he found the maze that looks like it was a thousand  years old, suddenly  the ground started to shake and the door opened up. As he went in, the door creaked shut. He noticed he was locked in, it took for ever until he saw a secret passage way so he opened the door and it revealed the hydra.

He knew he had to burn it, so he got two flint  stones and  rubbed them together. Sparks started to fly up and fire streamed down and burnt the hydra.  Daedelus cut off the the hydra’s head, he took it back to Python Eye but Python got so angry that they had a battle.


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