Pandora and the magic sword by Alfie

A long time ago, an evil skeleton called the exterminator stole the magic fairy dust from the Cave of Diamonds. His niece, Pandora, challenged him to a duel but the skeleton offered her a dare.

“I’ll give up the fairy and the magic dust, if you can fined the magic sword!”

“I accept!” said Pandora.

magic_swordThen they set off. First, they went to meet wise Kyle. Although he had tables full of food, Kile was as thin as a stick. As they ate, a flock of hidious dragons swooped in but Pandora fought with her sword and the dragons flew out. Kyle took them to the clashing cliffs.

Pandora had found her prize, the magic sword, but the minotaur was on guard. Pandora plunged in her sword. Quickly, she grabbed her magic sword and bolted. Pandora returned to the skeleton. Pandora became the greatist heroes of the world and became Queen!

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