Odesseus and the Skeleton’s Treasures by Kyle

A long time ago, an evil and bad hearted army of skeletons stole the first place medal from Theseus. His son Odysseus challenged them all to a duel with swords in the courtyard which was full of fully grown hedges forming a maze and graves. But their leader Rattley challenged him to a dare. ody

“We’ll give up the stupid medal if you can find the badge of magic, the trophy of good luck and finally the ancient Sphinx statue of resurrection!”

“I accept your dare.” said Odysseus.

So, Odysseus gathered a group of heroes such as Hercules, Bellerophon and Prince Medea. First, they visited wise, deaf Bill. As he had tables full of food, Bellerophon rushed over to the first table and stuffed his face with grapes. Next Prince Medea walked over to a cabinet and ate a lot of olives. Finally Hercules gulped down a wine bottle. Hercules called over to Odysseus.

“This is really good. Have a bit Ody!”

“No way!” refused Odysseus.

But, Prince Medea threw the wine into the sea and Hercules dived down after it. There was a massive splash and Hercules appeared on a Narwhal’s horn.herc
“Thank you!”Odysseus called to the Narwhal.

“That’s alright.”

The Chimera swooped in, burning the roof and the wine to ash. He grabbed Bellerophon and launched him into the trees. Next, Odysseus shot an arrow in his heart then shook the tree Bellerophon was in and Bellerophon fell face first onto the grass.
Gratefully, Bill sent them to the mountain of no return to continue their journey. They started climbing until they touched a patch of snow and realised it was wooden.
“Wood!” Odysseus called down.
“Nooooooooooooooo!” they all shouted together.

But the others were shouting about something else. It was the Minotaur! Odysseus felt like pushing him off the mountain but he didn’t. He shouted at him instead.”You’re going to die!”
Odysseus charged as did the Minotaur but Odysseus had the upper hand and he did a back flip. He landed behind the Minotaur and ended up stabbing him.
After that, he went to a fortune teller she gave him a card saying :
You will find your treasures in a mound – all of them.

So, they went to a mound but there was nothing so they went into the castle next to it and saw a three headed dog and the Hydra. Someone killed the dog! It was …Theseus!
Medea chopped off the Hydra’s head and two more appeared so Theseus stabbed it in the chest. He saw the badge, trophy and the Sphinx. Bellerophon carried the trophy, Theseus carried the badge and Medea carried the Sphinx.
Triumphantly, Odysseus returned to the leader, much to the amazement and fury of his slaves! As for Odysseus and his friends, they became a great heroes!

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