Helen and the Golden Ring by Abbi

316816_animate_golden-ringAn extremely long time ago, a horrible king named Paris stole the crown of Thebes. His niece Helen challenged him to a duel. But Paris offered her a dare.

“I accept!” said Helen.

So Helen built a swift and fast ship called the Blackbird and mustered a crew of all the ladies of the world.

First, they went to visit Old Dum Dum. Although Old Dum Dum had a tables full of  food, Dum Dum was as thin as a worm. As they ate, a flock of horrible birds swooped in with flying hair and snapping mouths!

They fought and the Harpies fled shrieking.

Gratefully, Dum Dum sent them to the clashing cliffs. Fire streamed down and sparks flew up. Skillfully, the Blackbird sped through. Helen have found her prize. The Golden Ring was rested on a branch. However, a Lion was on guard with golden teeth. The Lion roared as Helen kicked it in it’s leg and bolted.

Triumphantly, Helen became a great hero!!!!

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