Arion And The Magic Diamond by Jake.

A long  time ago, there was a wicked army of skeletons who stole the kings crown, the kings brother, Arion, challenged the skeletons to a duel. But the skeletons offered Arion a dare

” we will give up the crown if you can find the magic diamond” Diamonds


“I accept!”said Arion. So Arion and his friends went to see wise Jon . Although he had boxes full of food Jon was as thin as a stick. As they began eating the food a herd of lions jumped, snapping on the table. Arion used some traps he had found in the sea and caught all the lions.


Happily,Jon sent them to the minotaur’s maze. They found the magic diamond. Unfortunately , the minotaur was there and he roared as Arion plunged in his knife.  Quickly Arion grabbed the diamond  and legged it. He got back to the shocked and furious skeletons who tried to attack him. Arion and his friends became rich!

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