Arion and the golden shield by Henley

An extremely long time ago, a cruel ugly prince named half man-half goat stole the Golden Fleece. His cousin, strong and brave Arion, challenge him to a dangerous duel. But the half man-half goat offered him a dare.

“I’ll give up the Golden Fleece, without a fight, if you can get the golden shield.”

They went to Pelias. “Where is the golden shield?” Arion asked.

“Um… You have to get it by yourself. If you can’t get it by your self, get five or six people to help you.” Pelias replied.

“That was kind of you, I think that was the kindest thing you done in your whole life!”

“Thank you!”

So, Arion build a swift and fast ship called the Golden Dragon Wings and mustered a crew of ledgendary people of the world.

“Do I have to do this?” said one of the heroes.

“Yes, anyway, do you want to be legendary?” Arion replied.

“Maybe… I don’t know”

“Anyway, can I carry on?”

“Go on then”

First, they went to wise and skinny Phineas. Although he have tables full of healthy food, Phineas was as thin as a stick. Suddenly, two harpies flew down to stop them to eating the food. As they flew off again, they decided to capture them with a large big net. They got ready and, as they flew in there, they captured them. So they had the food and when Phineas ate about three quarters he threw a little bit to the Harpies. They all got on the ship and Phineas send them to the clashing cliffs.

As they got to the cliff, they saw another ship there. Three people shouted.

“Is it dangerous?”

“Yes!” said Arion.

As the super speedy boulders hit the other ship, it broke like diamonds.  Arion sailed about 30mph and a God came up to help them. As the Heroes were there with their mouths open, they sailed across and they were safe. It took them three days to get there.

3d-golden-shield-10861114When they got to the cave, he touched the Golden Shield and a monster with a giraffe head and a dinosaur body and tail roared. As it roared, Arion and grabbed the shield and bolted.

Triumphantly he got to the Half-man and half-goat and said “here it is!”

Suddenly, he woke up, moaned and he turned to the half man-half goat and said “Can you offer me a dare?”
“Um… Maybe…”

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