Paris and the Golden cup by Jorja

A very very long time ago, a cruel hideous beast named the Minotaur kidnapped the Crown of Hope. His enemy Paris challenged him to a battle but the Minotaur who was so sneaky offered Paris a dare.achilles

”I’ll give up the crown with out a battle if you can find the Golden Cup!”

”I accept!” said Paris

So, Paris built a turbo extreme ship called the Glowing Dragon Wings and mustered a crew from all the brave, heroic and strong men of the entire universe. First they went to visit wise, old, blind weak Simon who looked like he was in his 100’s. Although he had loads of tables full of delicious scrupulous food Simon was as thin as a stick. As they ate, an army of skeletons charged in with rattling  bones and razor-sharp swords. As they fought the rattling skeletons charged out of the place telling each other  to “protect your bones everyone!”

Gratefully Simon sent them to the rusty old cliffs. Beautiful fire streamed down and gorgeous sparkles flew up but, skilfully, the Glowing Dragon Wings sped through. Paris had found his prize the Golden cup was resting in an ocean, However a hideous sea monster was on protection with razor-sharp jaws and an enormous fat belly and the sea monster said “I’ll eat you up with slime!”

So the sea monster spat slime on Paris but Paris got his sword out and cut his way through and cut off the sea monsters revolting head. Quickly Paris grabbed the cup and ran like lightning. Triumphantly, Paris returned to Thebes, much as the amazement and fury of the Minotaur.  Paris became a famous brilliant hero of the whole universe!

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