Paris and the flying horse by Billy

A long time ago, the Minotaur trapped the flying horse. Paris challenged the Minotaur to a duel. Paris looks like a Greek boy. But the vicious minotaur offered Paris a dare.

“I’ll give up the flying horse which has wings if you can defeat my wife.”

“I accept!” said Paris.

So, Paris, who was wearing animal fur, built a speedy ship that looked like a boat called Dragon Wings and Paris mustered a crew of his friends. First, they went to wise Fredrick. As they ate, an army of ancient dragon mouths swooped down. They fought  and the dragon mouths fled shrieking.


Gratefully, Fredrick took them to the vicious Minotaur’s wife’s maze. The maze was as big as an 3000 elephants. Paris had found his prize in a cage. Then Mrs Minotaur jumped on Paris! As Paris plunged in his sword, the Minotaur’s wife, who was as chunky as a ball, died. Paris unlocked the flying horse. He got on the flying horse and went to Thebes.


Triumphantly, Paris returned to Thebes to the amazement and fury of the Minotaur. Paris became a super hero! But the minotaur exploded like a crazy greekman!

4 thoughts on “Paris and the flying horse by Billy

  1. Good work Billy it was amazing I liked how you used adjectives care fully I liked your similie as chunky as a ball
    I wish you could describe how the flying horse was feeling if it was scared your not but we’ll done you

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