King Minos and a cave of 20,000 by Millie

A  long  time  ago,  there was an Army of skeletons named the Bone body, and they guarded the cave of 20,000  of Thebes. Their Boss King Minos challenged them to a sharp sword duel but the Bone body offered him a dare.


“I will stop guarding if you can find the emerald jewel.”

“I except”! said King Minos.

So King Minos build a fast ship called the Dragons Eye and mustered a crew of Kings of all the world.

First they went to visit wise Phineas. Although he had tables fall of  big juicy apples, Phineas was as thin as a stick. Phineas sent them to the clashing cliffs. Sparks flew up and diamonds dropped down but skillfully the Dragons Eye went through speedily. Gratefully, King Minos found his treasure. The emerald jewel was in leafy green bush sparking. Suddenly a seven headed dragon was on guard. The seven headed dragon roared when King Minos stabbed in his sword, got the emerald jewel and ran. Gratefully King Minos returned the emerald jewel back to the Thebes to the amazement and fury of the army of skeletons. King Minos became a fantastic hero!

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