Arion and the Golden Eye by Paul

minotaur1A very long time ago a cruel awful Minotaur stole the ancient golden eye from  the magic ancient city of Sparta.

His nemesis brave  Arion challenged him to a fight to the death.

But the very sneaky cruel Minotaur offered him a trial.

“I’ll give the ancient golden eye if you can find the Ancient diamonds of Kratos, you brat”

“I accept!” replied brave Arion.

So brave Arion built a beefy and swift armoured ship called the Golden Dragon Wing and mustered all the brave strong Heroes of the World.

First they went to visit his blind brother Tom. Although he had many, many tables of food Tom was a thing as one very thin stick. As they feasted, an army of alpha Minotaurs attacked.  They attacked the Minotaurs and defeated them and the Minotaurs ran growling.

Gratefully Tom sent them to the Fire Eye. Fire exploded everywhere and cute sparks flew up.

Proudly, the Golden Dragon Wing sped through.

Arion had found his prize! The ancient diamonds of Kratos lying on a huge rock.

However a huge angry blood thirsty Hydra was on defence and it squeezed him with its tail.

The Hydra hissed fiercely! Arion stabbed his spear in its heart.

In the last second Arion grabbed the diamonds of  Kratos and sprinted.

Triumphantly Arion returned to the elder Minotaur. Although, to the amazement and anger of the Minotaur, Arion became a great Hero!











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