Christmas night

I was in bed when I heard a massive thump !
I looked out of the window and saw a reindeer and Santa ! He disappeared and I realised he had jumped down the chimney.
He landed in the kitchen near the fire place. He ran like the flash into the living room to the christmas tree. Then, he placed an entire sack of presents beside
the tree. I ran down the stairs to see a reindeer teddy! I wondered who put it down, the teddy was immense in the corner of my eye I saw a minature elf!christmaselfnamemain
I then realised the elf just did a little nerdy laugh and the reindeers nose glowed in the darkness! They started to sprint away to the front door and I ran after them but the elf dropped his hat without realising they only just got out. I kept the elves hat as a reminder of this night. I ran back in my bedroom into my bed and rested my poor head. Was it a dream… maybe? The next morning the hat had disappeared in its place was a brand new iPhone 6s and a xbox one!

By Kyle

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