Hunting Neolithic Animals

We played a game that was based around Stone Age hunting. The first dice we threw had the number 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 on it. This told us which ladder to pick to measure the move of our animals. The second dice told us how many rungs to move along the ladder. We had to reach the end of the grassland before the hunter caught up to us.

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Here are the ladders we used. They are all the same size but they are divided into different sections.

l1 l2

We found it was better to roll a low number on the first dice. Can you say why that would be in the comments below? What number was the best to roll on the second dice?

2 thoughts on “Hunting Neolithic Animals

  1. On the first dice it is good to roll a 2 because it has big chunks and it takes you fever. On the second dice it is good to roll a 6

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