Stone Age Boy by Zach

An awful thing happened to me last Sunday 8th of November 2015 [My birth day!!!!] I was putting some yogurts in the fridge .When I noticed a long ,red draw I pulled it open to see what was inside it, when I opened it  opened a trap door under ninth me I, fell down ,down, down. When I jumped up I found myself in a gloomy, pith black, small, tight place. I think I was in the Stone Age because I heard people saying hona blah snouk I think it was them talking to each other anyway. What are they talking about I think they see me because I heard footsteps bong bong bong! Why was I getting so scared it was a cute, little dog/wolf and his locals. They were friendly to my and a bit dirty they walk me to their homes. Later they told me he pets name was Poe he was my new best friend .The next day we went to the farm we watch the famers picking up flint for the weapon’s and tools. Today was a long day so we had a big nap. The very next morning there was a humungous battle with a big sloth it was a stratospheric sight. The battle was raging on we joined. “I think it is a bad idea “I said to Poe but we did it still we barked and shouted pulling back the string on are bows. All of a sudden an orrock came running at me it butted me into a whole AGHH!!!!!!!!!!! I found myself zooming up, up, up. When I stood up I was back home. Home sweet home. My mum was angry ………. Very angry. I said I was playing in the garden. She said why are you so muddy/dirty??????? So I went to play on my xbox 1 I was playing doctor who. Mum came Knocking on my bedroom I said “knock, knock that’s there” mum is here HA HA we were laughing!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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