The Stone Boy’s Experience

The Stone Boys Experience

Yesterday morning at ten, an absolutely astonishing thing once happened to me Sam; I was shooting some fire hot water into the swimming pool (which is so relaxing.) When I realised there was a huge multi – coloured   I swam towards it   and I grabbed it I saw a light, sunny tunnel! I swam towards it, as well as gasping for air and I entered the light sunny tunnel. I felt like I was drowning to the bottom … going down, down. When I got up then stretched and gasped! It was pitch black, scary and so muddy! I walked forwards but I stepped on a bone then it went CRACK!!!  Then I saw a colossal tunnel.  I crept up it not realising there was a beautiful, pretty moonlight above me.  Outside everything was dirty, sandy but gloomy. But I sprinted, ran then jogged. Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. He took me home to his talented, funny, silly residents. They were strange but they were very friendly to me, but I found out the man`s name was Fishy. Later we went into the wood nearby, Fishy and I watched the amazing, funny residents.  Suddenly, a boy ran from the annoyed villagers yelling “AURRGH”. Slowly we crept forwards shivering and quivering … then a mammoth as angry as a lion not one but two hairy beasts. Yelling, running and charging one arrow as pointy as a newly made sword even the arrow was sharpened it was shiny like knight, but the arrows wasted now.   But that’s not the last we hear of that guy he`s still ALIVE!!!! Suddenly an Auroch appeared with pride but mostly angry I think we`re separating into three groups. One after the other after the other the last one was me and Fishy I found out we were with the Auroch I was too scared so was Fishy, well I think. There was a huge BANG then another BANG!!! Then a pop I was falling down, down, down. When   I woke up I was at the right bottom of the swimming pool I swam up to the surface. Was it a dream? Maybe …

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