Invasion: The Rubbish Romans by Amba

Yesterday the cunning Celts and the rude romans had a long battle next to the miserable Medway. When the Celts were asleep the rude romans went to attack. But  they keep taking stuff that isn’t theirs. Gold and tin and other medals that are precious and shiny.

Emperor Claudius keeps taking over other countries and we will be next!!!  In the next morning, a young general gave the Celts the report that said there is a whole bunch of Roman soldiers of 4 legions about 20,000 fighting men! This MEANS THAT THE ROMANS HAVE WON…

4 thoughts on “Invasion: The Rubbish Romans by Amba

  1. hi mr hartly I am very sorry about yesterday it is a long story. I think it is amazing from Georgia from 3sc xxxxxxxxx well don xxxxxxxxxxxx

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