This was too good not too post! But I don’t know who posted it. Let me know and I’ll change the author!

Yesterday, the cunning Celts and the rotten Romans had a humongous battle next to the mad river Medway, so the rude Romans could snatch all of our glorious gold, sparkling silver, fantastic tin and splendid bronze!

The rampaging Romans have sent four massive legions of about 20,000 brave fighting men which is a HUGE amount of Roman men.

They had a brilliant plan! Their plan was to sneak across the river Medway while the Celts were sleeping and then the Romans would attack. The Celts were shocked when the Romans attacked and that’s when a huge battle commenced. Two days later the auxiliaries met up with the legionnaires to join in the GREAT BATTLE!

After the battle, a Roman general laughed “We won the battle by defeating the Celts and our brilliant plan that worked!

The Romans are still celebrating their big win!

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