My 500 words by Jasmine

A fabulous piece of writing from one of our bloggers, Jasmine. She wrote this for the BBC competition 500 words, typed and presented it herself. Well done Jasmine!


Sarah’s life

It was 9 in the morning, then I  saw a cottage, it had broken wood pieces and screws half screwed in with several cracked windows which were wonky with ragged pieces of glass where the cottage was located in the little village of Earhlam. Outside it was very quiet except the birds were singing calmly.

Then I entered the small cottage where I saw jugs shattered on the floor, it was an icy night and the floor was frozen, every time when I walked along the icy carpet it cracked and crumbled. After that, there was a huge banging noise and it frightened me it came from the smallest door on the centre where it was quiet.

By the way my name is Sarah, I have thick brown long hair like a lions main, with chocolatey brown eyes and I am 4 foot 2 inches tall.

I slowly twisted the golden handle. Then the door squeeked open, I said “hello, what’s wrong?”

She answered “let me in my house!”

No it’s mine I found it first!”and immediately she knocked Sarah out of the way. We began to fight, firstly I picked up a heavy hammer and knocked Evie out by wacking her around the face. She had thousands of marks…

Then I grabbed her little legs across the icy floor and finally I dumped her in a hut far away…… It was completely empty and useless. I walked back rushing to the cottage.

When I reached my destination I looked through the blurry window, I saw  a young and handsome boy heading toward the empty hut…

5 minutes later, the handsome boy took Evie by the cottage and rang the police…

10 minutes later, I saw a blue and red light flashing towards the cottage where I was eating my dinner mysteriously.

Evie finally went inside the enormous and wide ambulance..

Later on Evie reached the hospital…. 4 months later, she passed away because she damaged her brain. Minutes seemed like hours… Michael and me where talking, “what’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Michael.” He replied. “What’s your name?

“My name is Sarah.” I replied.

15 minutes later they were on a date, “Do you know about 500 words?” I asked. “Yes I do know.” He replied.

After the date they walked to the cottage holding hands… Finally, they saw a puppy on the little cottage path…..  They picked up the tiny puppy it was a dog called Rusty… Also they lifted the dog in the tiny and old cottage. After that, they adopted the sweet dog.

It was night time and I drifted of to bed… Suddenly I got bit by a ghost after 10 minutes I turned to a ghost. I heard a noise coming from the dog I found, I ran downstairs she was getting hurt too! I tried to help but more noise just came from Michael’s room. Slowly Michael woke up and slammed his room door and soon our ghosts were gone..

Michael will never, know the secret what happened.

The end.