Epimetheus and Medusa by Amba

Once upon a time there was a rich man named Epimetheus and he lived on the island of Crete. So he woke up and began to search for a golden fleece but his mummy waned him beware of medusa.

Until he came to a secret garden that was very lovely. But their was a sign that said DO NOT ENTER! But he crept inside and saw not one not two but three golden fleeces.

But he heard hissing … It was medusa. She had long snakes on her head hissing madly.

Epimetheus screamed and he ran and ran and ran.

Sooner rather than later Epimetheus arrived home but he opened the door and there was Medusa near the door she stared into his eyes and he turned stone but a super hero saved him. And her name was Tara and she unfroze Epimetheus and Tara froze Medusa instead so they went home. When he went to bed and suddenly he forgot the jewels…

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