Jason and the Monster John! By Jasmine.

Once upon a time there was a rich hero called Jason, who lived in a city Athens. Early one scorching morning he woke up and began to search for red rubies! But his wife warned him “Beware of the monster John!” So he ran, ran, and ran, until he came to a dark stony ruin…. The first time Jason looked inside the stony ruin he saw a box of antelopes, the second time he looked inside the stony ruin he saw slithering snakes but the third time Jason looked into the stony ruin he saw a pile of glowing red rubies that glowed like firelight! Unfortunately something else was alive in the cave, it was something enormously massive and something very hungry, it was the monster John!… With teeth like daggers, claws like knives and the jaws of the ugliest dog!!!!!!! The monster roared, Jason roared back, and he sailed, sailed and sailed.

Sooner rather than later Jason arrived home just in the nick of time with his coat-tail singed behind him, but in his hand he held not one not two but three huge rubies like massive seeds of greed!