Christmas at the Zoo

There has been some fantastic writing from 3CH last week, who carried on writing a poem about some animals in the zoo at Christmas. Can you guess how they have written their poem? What type of writing have they used?

Early Christmas morning.

Christmas at the zoo,

They’ve all hung up their stockings –

The gorilla and the gnu,

The walrus and the crocodile,

The skunk, the kangaroo.

Let’s see what Santa’s brought them

To unwrap on Christmas Day –

Milk for the meerkat,

King cobra got a coat,

Octagon for an octopus,

High five for a hyena,

A garden for a gnu,

Tinsel for a tiger,

Clown for a clownfish,

Socks for the seal,

Zig zags for a zebra,

A fish for a frog,

Ants for an anteater.

(Archie and Reece)

An egg for an Eagle,

A roast turkey for a Tiger,

Black Blood for a Bat,

A Kite for a Koala,

 Apple for an Antelope,

Cheesy Chips for a Chicken,

A Cake for a Chameleon,

 Pasta for a Pig,

A Snowball for a Seal,

A Coat for a Cat,

A Hat for a Hornet,

A Handbag for a Hawk,

A Fish-finger for a Frog,

A Sandwich for a Squid.

(Ashton and Tyler)

Laptop for the leopard,

A cuckoo clock for a crocodile,

A cake for a cow,

A ball for the barn owl,

Ear rings for the elephants,

An egg for the eagle,

Money for the monkey,

A sailing boat for the seal,

A clock for the clown fish.

(Lizzy, Kye and Dayton)

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