Our Class Tweets

We spent a lot of time learning how to write and redraft tweets today in class! Some of us found it really tricky keeping to 140 characters! Here are a few of our tweets about the cob oven building this week.

This morning we were building a den. We used some twigs and weaved them around some big ones and some #cob to make a wall. It was #fun. (Kayla)

    I like dancing in the mud and I like twisting on it. Also I liked seeing my friends. #cob (Lizzy)

    We have been building a #cob oven that is a #dragon that has nostril smoke! #fun #blog (Callum)

    Dear Twitter, we have been making #cob and a cob oven and it’s got a dragon on top of it. It was #fun. Go on Twitter. #wejs (Leah)

    We were making #cob with subsoil, sand, clay and stone. #epic (Kieren)

    The #cob oven is a #dragon. Its nose is like a pigs nose. #cool #epic http://wp.me/p58Ghx-1q (Willow)

    When we went outside, we made #cob. It was amazing. We danced on the cob and tomorrow we are making pizza! (Fleur)

    We have enjoyed building a #cob oven and shelter. We weaved and stuck cob onto it! It was #fun! (Harry)

    We love what you made today and what you did to the #cob! I think that this is going to be awesome! (Kenzie)

    We hope you like #Tango. He was helping us build #cob! http://wp.me/p58Ghx-X

    We have been building a #cob oven and it was #fun. #Tango was on guard on the roof! http://wp.me/p58Ghx-X

    We have been building a house out of sticks and twigs. We put some #cob on it and it was so #fun! (Amba)

    We have been weaving sticks and putting #cob on top of the sticks and we had lots and lots of #fun! (Harley)

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