Observation of a Stone Age Person

“The Stone Age person was muddy and even had twigs, leaves and sticks in his dirty, stinky hair. His face was so mucky you could barely see his face. 

She walked slowly towards the river with the long pointy end of a spear in her hand. It had a hook at the end and she would quickly stab the spear into the water to catch her fish. Another part of the family was trying to kill a woolly mammoth. 

He had enormously big feet which were the size of a pencil case and he had muscles the size of a pencil.

He didn’t just use a spear. They used a bow and arrow to kill their food. It shoots so fast that it whooshes when you shoot it in the blink of an eye.

They had disgusting, stinky teeth and they are covered in animal skin that is very dirty.”

Deeren, Science Officer.

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